Alot of people dont know that you can create you own brush effects.
In this tutorial I will show you an example of what you can do.

I have no idea why this tutorial is called "Stardust", I just imagine this is what stardust looks like :P

First open a new document (320x320) and set the background color to #000066.

The base

Click on the "Brushes" tab and apply these settings:

Select a brush

(diameter = 38px)

Shape Dynamics:

The shape dynamics


Brush scattering

Remember the check "Wet Edges".

And thats it, the brush is done!
Now, lets test it;
Select the brush tool (Hotkey: B) and apply these settings:

Brush settings

(remember to select the brush you just created. It should appear at the bottom of the brush list)

Set the color to #FFFFFF:


And start brushing!

This is what I got:

The final result

I'm sure you can come up with something better, just play around with the settings and have fun ;D

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