Removing Timestamps

Some people like them, some people don't.
I'm talking about the timestamps on the photos you take with your digital camera. Sure, it isn't on all the cameras, and on most of them you can disable this. But what if you forgot? Or regret that you did use it?
Well, that's no problem if you have Photoshop. And now, I'm going to show you how to remove them without destroying the photos.

Open the photo you want to work with.
I choose this one:

My start photo

Select the Spot Healing Brush Tool by pressing "j" or selecting it from the tools.

Spot healing tool

Make sure the tool is set to theese settings:

Spot healing tool settings

You may have to change the brush size, if the timestamp is much bigger then 20 pixels.

Now, zoom in on the timestamp and draw a line with the Spot Healing Brush Tool over it like this:


When you stop drawing, the timestamp will disappear.


The tool uses parts of the image around the timestamp to cover it.

Zoom out, and you're done!

The final result

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