Making Custom Shapes

This little trick is a neat way of creating detailed custom shapes.
We're going to start with a image like this:



The first thing we have to do is to select the object we want to turn into a custom shape only. Wich is Leela in this case.
So select the magic wand tool and use these settings:

The magic wand tool

Click on the background (not on Leela) to select the area around her. But as you can see, there's still an unselected area between her arm and body, so you have to hold shift and click inside that area to select that too:

Magic wand selection

When that's done, press "shift + ctrl + i" to invert the selection (or right click on the selection and select "Select Inverse").

Only Leela should be selected now.
Right click on the selection and select "Make Work Path..." like this:

How to make the work path

Set the tolerance to 1. (Less tolerance = more detail)

Now, go to Edit->Define Custom Shape...

Defining a custom shape

Name it whatever you feel like naming it and you're shape is good to go!

You can find it here:

The new shape

Here's a sample of the shape (and 2 other ones) in action:

The final result

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