Adobe Photoshop tutorials

Photoshop is the most popular image editing tool among graphical designers today. If you need software to create web graphics, edit photos, create wedding invitations or whatever, Photoship is the perfect tool for you. The best way to learn how to use Photoshop is to read tutorials, and learn various tricks, then play around with the techniques you learned and simply just have fun.

Gradient Wallpaper - TyR
A really in-depth tutorial on how to create a nice OS X style wallpaper.
Views: 58760
Cartoon Clouds - TyR
How to draw some nice cartoonish clouds.
Views: 42602
Soft Layout - TyR
A very detailed tutorial on how to create a soft web 2.0-ish layout
Views: 20210
Smooth Text - TyR
A great way to create text with smooth corners using channels.
Views: 36617
Removing Timestamps - TyR
How to remove those annoying timestamps from your photos.
Views: 23745
Negative Ghost - TyR
Shows how to add a spooky negative effect to your photos
Views: 20006
Urban Dream - TyR
A neat technique you can use to give your photos a somewhat dreamy/blurry effect.
Views: 41100
Electric Abstract - TyR
How to create a nice and simple abstract effect
Views: 55066
3D Text - TyR
How to create a nice 3D looking text in a few simple steps.
Views: 34676
Creating Abstract Brushes - TyR
Detailed tutorial on how to create abstract brushes
Views: 55170
A fresh little menu - TyR
A short and sweet tutorial on how to make a rather stylish navigation menu.
Views: 47067
Making Custom Shapes - TyR
A neat way to create custom shapes from other images.
Views: 69964
Brushed Metal - TyR
A rather realistic metal effect.
Views: 39619
Typing along a path - TyR
Learn how to combine text with paths
Views: 33054
Stardust - TyR
How to create a stardust-brush
Views: 31686

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