A fresh little menu

I will now try to show you how to make a somewhat fresh and simple menu for your website.
Lets start by making a 168x140 document with a transparent background.

Use the "Rectangular Marquee Tool" (Hotkey: M) and select an area that is 168px wide and 28px high and fill it with white like this:

Filled rectangle

Right click on the layer you just drew the white rectangle in, go to "Blending Options..." and apply these settings:
Color Overlay:

Color Overlay

Gradient Overlay:

Gradient overlay

You should have something like this now:

Result so far

Now, create a new layer and make another rectangle like you did before but this time, make it 166x26 and place it in the center of the first rectangle like this:

Another rectangle

Go to the new layers blending options and apply the following settings:
Color Overlay:

Color overlay

Gradient Overlay:

Gradient overlay

Ok, that turned out well, right?
Let's add some text:

Type tool settings

If you dont have the font I used, just use another one like verdana, helvetica or tahoma.
Place the text like this:

Text on menu

And add some simple shadow in the blending options:


Copy all the layers you just made and place them like this:

The final result

And that's about it.

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