3D Text

In this tutorial im going to show you how to make a 3D looking text in just a few simple steps.

First, open a new document about 300x140, with a white background.
Select the Type Tool, and select a big bold font. I used Arial Black.

Set the color to #999999 and enter some text like this:

Some Text

And rotate the text like this (Edit->Transform->Rotate):

Rotating the text

Enter the free transform mode (Edit->Free Transform) and scale/move the text down like this:

Free transform

And now over to the fun part, make sure the text layer is selected and hold CTRL + ALT and tap the UP-ARROW about 10 times.

Duplicating the text layer

Now, as you can see you just copied the text layer ten times, so select the layer on the top:

The layers

Right click on it and enter the "Blending Options..."
And add a darker color:

Color overlay

If you want to move the text around a bit, just select all the layers by:
Clicking on the one at the top and then on the bottom text layer while holding shift.


And press CTRL + E to merge the layers, or Layer->Merge Layers.

And that's it. Pretty cool right?

Result 1 Result 2 Result 3

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