Game Maker tutorials

Game Maker is the perfect tool if you want to create your own computer games without learing any hard programming languages. You can acctually create games without any code at all in Game Maker. But if you start using GML (Game Maker Languange) you will soon discover that this program can be very powerful and flexible. And the best thing about Game Maker: IT'S ALOT FUN!
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You may also want to have a look at our downloadable Game Maker examples these can be just as educational as tutorials.

360° Movement - TyR
How to make a GTA-style movement engine.
Views: 58691
Mouse drag movement - Vpguy69
How to drag and move an object depending on the way you move the mouse.
Views: 60361
Orbiting - TyR
How to make something orbit around something :P
Views: 42932

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