The history of N1Studios

N1Studios was formed in the November 2003 and was meant to be a game creation team. In the beginning of 2004 we got our first website. But in the summer of 2005 the page was taken offline to so that we could work work on a new version. This new version was going to be alot more functional and allowing us to easily add content so it wouldnt die out. After about 4 months, we released the new version and our average hits per day went up from about 50 a day to around 250. Mostly because we were now targeting a much bigger audience. Such as Photoshop users and other web developers along with the good old Game Maker community. About 2 months later, we released this website wich is much more easier for us to update and better for you to navigate. In february 2006, we released yet another version of the site, the current one. This version have alot more features and a much much better admin panel. This will allow us to add much more content faster, easier and more often.

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